Voters urged to check their party registration status

rpp picRegistrar of political parties receives documents from a political party.

An online platform for voters to check their registration status with political parties has been established by the Registrar of Political Parties (RPP). Voters may now confirm the party they are registered with by visiting and entering their ID numbers. Plans are underway to provide a SMS query channel for the convenience of voters.

Anybody with complaints regarding their registration status are advised to write to the political party they have been registered with and forward a copy to the RPP,

It is an offence punishable by law for any political party to register a member without his or her knowledge. Any party doing so could be deregistered and penalized. In a recent letter to all registered Political Parties, the Registrar of Political Parties, Ms Lucy Ndungu, warned those who may have registered members in a fraudulent manner or have falsified information presented to RPP to remedy the breach immediately or be deregistered and fined not less than one million (Ksh. 1,000,000) under section 46 of the Political Parties Act.

Political parties were required to seek fresh registration by April 30th 2012. Among other requirements, each political party had to file a list of 1,000 members per county from at least 24 counties (half the counties). Such members had to be registered voters with the electoral management body, IEBC.
There have been complaints that some parties enlisted members from lists of mobile money transfer records and various other sources. RPP only checked if all names submitted were indeed those of registered voters. RPP did not, and does not have the means to know whether or not every person in the list gave consent to be registered with the party that presented the list. So far 51 political parties have been registered with the RPP.