Electronic Voter Identification System (EVID)

Basically, EVID is an electronic poll book. There are two types of EVID technology, the laptop with attached finger print reader and the handheld device with in-build finger print reader. EVIDs were used for the first time during the March 4th General Elections (29,000 laptops and 4,600 handhelds). The EVIDs verify and confirm voters electronically as registered by BVR. They are used to ″check-in″ voters at polling station on polling day and is helpful in streamlining. EVID curbs impersonation and ensures that only those who registered to vote are allowed to vote. However some challenges were experienced in the March 4th polling day when some of the machines failed to work largely due to inadequate training and running out of battery charge. In such cases, the polling officials carried out verification of voters using the voter register print outs.

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