Candidates Registration System (CRS)

The CRS ensures that primary data on candidates nominated by political parties are entered in a format that makes it easy for IEBC to verify the accuracy of the candidate details, compliance and generate ballot paper proofs. This is achieved by cross-matching the voters register and political party register. Inconsistencies in the data submitted by political parties have posed a challenge on processing of ballot proofs (e.g. Mix up of photos). There have also been inaccuracies in the data submitted by Political Parties (e.g. Use of Nicknames). Overall CRS strives to: Improve data exchange from Political Parties and Independent candidates to IEBC returning officers Enhance the efficiency of the Nomination process through accurate data capture and processing of records by the Returning officers Improve accuracy of processing of the Ballot papers How CRS works rts
In the last general election, CRS helped to process the nomination lists from over 12,000 candidates in 1,882 elective positions.
SN Elective position No of Candidates
1. Presidential 8
2. Senator 244
3. Governor 237
4. Member of National Assembly 2,098
5. Women Representatives 303
6. CAW Representatives 9,875
Total 12,765

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