Our Mandate

The Commission is responsible for conducting or supervising referenda and elections to any elective body or office established by the Constitution, and any other elections as prescribed by an Act of Parliament and, in particular, for;

    • The continuous registration of voters and revision of the voter's roll;
    • The delimitation of constituencies and wards;
    • The regulation of political parties process;
    • The settlement of electoral disputes;
    • The registration of candidates for elections;
    • Voter education;
    • The facilitation of the observation, monitoring and evaluation of elections;
    • The regulation of money spent by a candidate or party in respect of any election;
    • The development of a code of conduct for candidates and parties;
    • The monitoring of compliance with legislation on nomination of candidates by parties.

    The Commission shall exercise its powers and perform its functions in accordance with this Constitution and national legislation.

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