Consultative Meeting with Heads of Missions Governance Group
 20th Apr 2023

The Commission’s Senior Management led by the CS/CEO, Marjan H. Marjan, MBS met Heads of Missions Governance Group on 12th April 2023. The Heads of Mission Governance Group were taken through the journey towards the 2022 General Election, and lessons learnt from the preparation and management of the exercise. The meeting also discussed the electoral legal reform framework and areas of collaboration.

The meeting reiterated the need to fast track the review of the legal framework for seamless implementation of the law in good time. The CEO assured the Group that the Commission was on course to review and propose amendments of the electoral legal framework to Parliament to ensure timely debates and implementation of the laws which would result to better management of elections in Kenya.

“Electoral legal reform is a process that diagnoses the causes and consequences of deficiencies in laws. The Commission conducts elections under an elaborate legislative framework. In the run up to the 2022 General Election, the Commission held several stakeholder meetings specifically, with Justice and Legal Affairs Committee (JLAC) of the National Assembly to deliberate on electoral issues,” Marjan said.

The CEO also informed the meeting that Commission processed targeted legislations initiated by JLAC. The processes resulted in the development and submission of several draft legal instruments including The Elections (Amendment) Bill, 2022; Draft Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (Amendment) Bill, 2020; Draft Election Campaign Financing (Amendment) Bill, 2020; Draft Election Campaign Financing Regulations, 2020; Draft Referendum Bill, 2020; and Rules of Procedure on Delimitation of Boundaries, 2021.

The Heads of Mission Governance Group observed that they were satisfied with the Commission’s consultative, inclusive and transparent approach. They pledged to continue supporting the Commission in its course for deepening democracy in Kenya.