IEBC Sets Stage for Electoral Boundary Review
 15th Feb 2018

The electoral body meets stakeholders as it plans for the delimitation of Ward and Constituency boundaries

Nairobi 15th February, 2018

The IEBC Chairman met with the Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee (COIC) in a preliminary and planning engagement on electoral boundary review. Other stakeholders to be briefed include the Council of Governors, County Assemblies, the Media, Faith-based organizations and professionals, specialists (demographers, historians, economists, surveyors etc).

Article 89 (1) provides that there shall be 290 constituencies for the purpose of the election of the members of the National Assembly provided for in Article 91 (1) (a). The Commission shall review the names and boundaries of constituencies at intervals of not less than eight years and not more than twelve years, but any review shall be completed at least 12 months before a general election. The last boundary review was in 2012.

Some of the key considerations by the Commission in the next 24 months include:

  • Harmonizing issues arising from the First Review
  • Defining methodology
  • Finalization of the Boundaries Review Roadmap
  • Review of the legal framework, procedures, processes
  • Research and comparative studies
  • Acquisition of GIS laboratory and associated equipment
  • Conducting public and stakeholder hearings
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Gazettement