IEBC Wins Election Management and Electoral Ergonomic Awards
 24th Nov 2023

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has been crowned winner of the Election Management Award and runners up in the Electoral Ergonomic Award during the 19th International Electoral Awards Ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by the National Electoral Commission of Portugal in partnership with International Centre for Parliamentary Studies (ICPS) on 15th November 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal.

“The International Electoral Award Ceremony stands as a beacon, illuminating the tireless dedication and commendable achievements of individuals and organizations in the electoral domain. The ceremony is not just a recognition of their achievements, it’s a celebration of the collective resolve of the electoral community,” observed Matt Gokhool, Chief Executive, ICPS.

The Awards celebrate the tireless efforts, innovations and strategic brilliance of individuals and organizations. The awards also commend those who have not only upheld the tenets of democracy, but also navigated challenges during the pandemic. “These Awards value the outstanding efforts of electoral commissions and their members to ensure free and fair elections, celebrate creative approaches to engaging voters, particularly in the digital age, and honor inspiring stories of individuals and organizations that defend democracy,” José Vitor Soreto de Barros, President of the National Electoral Commission of Portugal.

While receiving the awards, the Commission Secretary/CEO, Marjan Hussein Marjan, thanked ICPS for the recognizing the IEBC. “I also recognize the staff of IEBC for their integrity, teamwork, dedication, sacrifice and outstanding performance during the 2022 General Election. Indeed, the success of the 2022 General Election was collective effort of each one you. Let us strive to be a credible electoral management body that meets the democratic aspirations of the people of Kenya,” he said.

The Elections Management Award recognizes approaches by Electoral Management Bodies (EMB) or electoral management officials, civil society organizations (CSOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and other stakeholders which were able to overcome remarkable country specific challenges, improving elections and guaranteeing a secure, transparent and smooth running of elections.

On the other hand, the Electoral Ergonomic award recognizes approaches by EMBs or electoral management officials, CSOs, NGOs and other stakeholders which tailored electoral procedures to the psychology of their voter and the specific characteristics of their electorate.

The nominees came from diverse corners of the globe, each sharing the collective objective: to guarantee that every voice resonates, every vote is valued and every electoral endeavor is impartial.

The members of the judging panel were drawn from ICPS, National Electoral Commission of Portugal, London School of Economics, US Election Assistance Commission, Electoral Commission of South Africa, Centre for Electoral Systems Development, Reforms and Trainings among others.